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The “Magical France” Concert

During my trip, I visited Haifa University. It was Friday morning, and I was invited to the pipe organ concert. Haifa people… did u know there are concerts like this at the University?!

I have to admit, it wasn’t my first time. I went to the organ concerts several years ago with my mother. She always linked it to spiritual experience, and I couldn’t agree more. This Friday, I was siting there truly mesmerized, listening to the sounds of the organ, while Dr. Yuval Rabin (who is Haifa born, which just added to my childhood city pride) opened the concert with Cesar Franck, the 3 pieces pour grand orgue: Fantasie in A, Cantabile and, Piece heroique. I felt a different sort of focus, sort of mental shower, which washes all irrelevant thoughts away.

The second part of the concert was collaboration of the “Ancor” choir and the JAMD High School and Conservatory Orchestra. The Symphony Orchestra, a joint venture of the Conservatory and the High School, includes 45 students was conducted by Nimrod Gaon. I was hypnotized with the pure sound of the organ, heavenly voices of the children.

It was definitely purifying experience for me, very similar to the feeling of meditation. What can I say… these were the longest applause I ever witnessed.

btw u can find the schedule for the next year here

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