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14C Art Fair 10-13 November, 2022 Liudmila Kogan

FORMah is pleased to be an official exhibitor at the 4th edition of Art Fair 14C with a solo presentation by Liudmila Kogan.

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“Mirages” by Liudmila Kogan is a collection of intuitive, soulful artworks. Color drenched paintings are the artist’s transformation of thoughts and forms of the meditative perception. Personal sensation, a desire to capture the beauty of the world and reflect it via medium on paper.

About the artist
Liudmila Kogan is a self taught artist. Since 2017, Liudmila is creating intuitive soulful paintings, based on her spiritual journey.
After she was laid off from her position as an engineer just a few years before retirement, at the age of 59, Liudmila Kogan picked up the pencil to draw for the first time. She started from drawing on pebbles and pieces of glass collected at the beach, following the natural patterns created by the sea.
Drawing and painting, which at the beginning were tools to deal with psychologically difficult change, became her biggest passion. She experimented with different mediums and started to understand perspective and light. First intimidated by large scale, she now creates larger paintings and canvases using her own unique technique to transform her individual vision of the energy surrounding her to artwork.

Since 2017 Liudmila Kogan participated in several solo and group exhibitions, in Russia and Israel. Her solo exhibition “the Halls”, by FORMah took place in Israel at January 2022 and drew the attention of local critics.
“Mirages” exhibit at Art Fair 14C is Ludmila’s debut in the US.

“Deep inside there is an impulse. New day. White canvas. Brushes and paints. Color spills, it coincides with the mood of the day. Lines appear, refract. Sharp and smooth… the colors flow and fuse with each other. Patterns, shapes, images begin to appear. What remains is only to identify them. And lo and behold – the picture – it comes to life and begins to dictate, requires identification and strengthening, clarity and rigor, the fulfillment of the laws of painting or their denial. The soul that sings and asks to come out and the heart that beats in unison. Hands flutter like butterflies and carry the warmth of the heart to the canvas. What will be born there… who knows? How will the song of my heart sound? And where will the wings of human souls carry it…? The process goes on, increases and then finalizes. Signature. Like a bird flying into the distance, the picture does not belong to me anymore…”, Liudmila Kogan, October 2022

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