Lyudmila Kogan

Lyudminla is Russian born Israeli autodidact artist, who creates out of meditative perception. Lyudmila is spiritual- surrealist, who reflects her mystic journey via color-drenched art works , in an attempt to capture her vision of higher consciousness. Her works trigger curiosity and mental awareness.

Mark Glezin

Mark Glezin is Tel Aviv based artist. Mark works from live and photografic references, and aspires to deal with existentional concerns that come from intense observational habits at both, the immediate and extensive surroundings. He attempts to show a personal point of view on social matters. Mark presented in Tel Aviv Museum, Rotschiled Fine Art gallery, Fresh Paint art fair and many more.

Boris Nekrasov

Boris Nekrasov was born in Russia and raised in Israel. His work reflects on cultural differences, questions of gender, national and religious identities.
In the process of his work he follows the natural texture of the material with which he chose to work, allowing the expression of associative flow, naturally influenced by his life, marked with lack of continuity, cohesion and constant changes. The works express different dimensions of experience and of consciousness and invite the beholder to move between the times , the distances, between the abstract and the concrete, between the internal and the external.
The movement, the differences and the connections, more or less hidden, constitute a glimpse into the biography of the life and consciousness of the artist as he tells them.

Katie Duffy McGeehin

Katie Duffy McGeehin is an artist located in Jersey City Heights.  From studying sculpture at East Carolina University to currently building a body of work in watercolor, Duffy McGeehin is always seeking new ways of expression through art.  Her art explores themes of femininity, mythology, movement, and mindfulness.