November 28th – December 23rd

FORMah’s new exhibition, “Why Am I” features artwork by Hannah Duggan and ML Slocum Kirchner.

‘Why Am I’ creates conversation between two points of view – profound impact of the digital age on one’s perception and reflection on the received information. Hannah Duggan highlights the influence of passive consumption of internet browsing, using digital sources serve as a starting point for her work, while ML Slocum Kirchner’s photography suggests that truth may no longer be objective and facts may not be universally agreed upon.


Pentimento: Karin Waskiewicz
Beyond The Mauve Zone: MaryKate Maher
FormAH at Concours d'Elegance
Contained: Debra Cartwright  Barbara Ishikura
Ceremony: Prema Murphy
The Quiet Moment: Kristy Blackwell, Alayna Coverly, Hannah Duggan and Tara Lewis
Lateral Expansion: Susan Arena, Jeane Cohen, MaryKate Maher, Natalia Nakazawa and Sarah G. Sharp
Emotional Landscapes: Dana Nechmad, Adi Oren, Rives Wiley
Thriving: Chellis Baird, Prema Murthy, Rachel Rubenstien, and Noga Yudkovik-Etzioni
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