The Quiet Moment

Kristy Blackwell, Alayna Coverly, Hannah Duggan, and Tara Lewis 1 August -2 September

FORMah’s new group exhibition “The Quiet Moment” showcasing artworks by Kristy Blackwell, Alayna Covery, Hannah Duggan, and Tara Lewis, compelling viewers to ponder the unspoken narratives concealed within its confines.

With a reverent reverence for the power of silence, “The Quiet Moment” draws attention to the uncomfortable topics within society and hidden emotions that often evade verbal articulation. From the emotive figurative realism to the examinations of moral ambivalences, the exhibition delves into the complex nature of humanity and the diverse life-shaping narratives.

The exhibition aims to encounter a curated ensemble of artworks that speak volumes and brakes the uncomfortable silence. Within the evocative walls of “The Quiet Moment”, the exhibition offers to explore the multifaceted dimensions of women aging, unearthing the complexities and beauty that emerge with the passage of time; it delves into the disquieting topic of violence against women, intersects with the realm of politics, and aims to shed light on societal issues and evoke contemplation. Through visual expressions, the unspoken truths of political landscapes and systemic challenges are brought to the forefront, beckoning viewers to introspect and engage in dialogue about the collective social responsibility.

Kristy Blackwell‘s paintings are a testament to the depth and intricacies of the human experience. Through figurative realism, she masterfully portrays the delicate balance between strength and vulnerability in her subjects. Her paintings explore the psychological barriers that separate our innermost thoughts from the vast expanse of the external world. Within her works, we find a common understanding of the beauty that exists in both sadness and fortitude, in exposure and protection. Blackwell’s consistent subject matter resonates with the viewer, forging a connection between the art and the observer.

Hannah Duggan‘s art reflects the profound impact of the digital age on our perceptions and experiences. Through the medium of painting, she takes screenshots sourced from the internet and transforms them into tangible, enduring creations. In a world where encounters with content are fleeting and distant on screens, Duggan’s deliberate approach confronts this ephemerality. Her representational choices, influenced by algorithms, reveal inherent contradictions, juxtaposing global tragedies with seemingly trivial daily life moments.

The central theme of her work revolves around the examination of moral ambivalences that persist within society’s collective consciousness. By extracting thought-provoking moments from the digital landscape, Duggan challenges viewers to reflect on their own engagement with the vast online network and its implications on their perceptions and beliefs.

Alayna Coverly is embracing healing and community. Coverly’s vibrant artwork centers on the intimate and complex relationships between individuals facing physical and mental health challenges due to violence against women. Her creations serve as a testament to the resilience and strength of these individuals, highlighting the healing process through personal connections and community support. With a deep understanding of the lasting effects of violence, Coverly’s work aims to raise awareness, foster empathy, and initiate conversations about a pressing societal issue.

Tara Lewis takes us on a journey into cultural anthropology and contemporary narrative portraiture with a fresh pop twist. Through her oil paintings, Lewis explores a wide range of themes, including personal agency, evolving perceptions of women, identity, empowerment, social issues, cultural narratives and pop culture. Her subjects wear symbolic props and bespoke accessories, often designed and printed by the artist herself. This collaboration between Lewis and her models brings forth candid, raw portrayals that challenge conventional beauty standards and celebrate individuality.

“The Quiet Moment” addresses some of society’s most challenging issues that are often shrouded in silence. 

Through their artwork, the showcased artists bring hidden concerns into the forefront, exposing viewers to uncomfortable truths and foster essential conversations about the pressing matters that often go unaddressed.

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