Prema Murthy “Ceremony”

Prema Murthy’s solo exhibition ‘Ceremony’ starts from June 1st showcases quiet and meditative paintings that explore abstraction through a fusion of physics, mathematics, and metaphysical themes. Her minimalistic series named “Eternal”, characterized by subtle and poetic qualities, invites viewer interpretation and lingers in the mind. Combining formal minimalism and nuanced materiality, the paintings evoke internal silence, contemplation, and a “soundless dialogue” described by Hannah Arendt. 

The predominance of black in Murthy’s Eternal series conveys her examination of rational and spiritual perceptions, symbolizing both the cosmos’ infinity and expanded consciousness. Geometric forms and carefully painted lines express her contemplations on eternity, recalling spiritual symbols. Murthy’s work aligns with mid-century minimalism, akin to Agnes Martin’s serene compositions. Intuitively inspired by images before dawn, Murthy’s art harmonizes the mystical with the objectivity of science, unifying disparate aspects of the human psyche.