FORMAH at Concours d’Elegance

FORMAH at Concours d’Elegance

August 26, 2023


FORMAH at Concours d’Elegance welcomes to ‘Transcending Stillness’ exhibition that delves into the captivating realms of motion. Artists Chellis Baird, ML Kirchner, Lara Knutson, and Adi Oren celebrate the essence of motion, capturing the dynamic energy that animates our existence, and harnessed the power of various mediums portray the elusive nature of movement.

The artworks challenge viewer’s perceptions, offering glimpses of hidden depths and inviting us to ponder the profound connections between what one sees and what lies beneath, they reveal a world that exists beyond the immediate gaze. The artworks evoke a sense of fluidity, guiding viewer’s eyes on a journey through time and space. Every stroke, form, and composition is meticulously created to convey the inherent grace and vitality of the motion.

Transcending Stillness’ exhibition embarks on a captivating journey through various artistic expressions, where stillness is shattered, and dynamic movement takes center stage. In this curated collection, artists explore the essence of motion, capturing its fluidity, energy, and transformative power. The interplay of colors and textures creates a sense of rhythm, evoking a visual symphony. Whether capturing the grace of human body, the energy of light, or the serenity of flowing water, the artworks transport us to moments suspended in time, allowing the viewer to appreciate the inherent the poetry of motion.

The exhibition delves into the concept of velocity and the transformative power of motion. Here, the artists explore the ever-changing nature of our world, depicting the passage of time and the fluidity of our existence. These artworks challenge us to reflect on our own journey through time, encouraging us to embrace the constant state of flux that surrounds us.

From the poetic depiction of motion to the exploration of change, this exhibition provides a profound and multi-faceted examination of motion’s significance. As we engage with these artworks, we are reminded of the ever-changing nature of our existence and the importance of embracing the fleeting moments that make life truly extraordinary.

Chellis Baird explores the elements of painting by reconstructing handwoven canvases from a unique perspective. Her bespoke process begins with woven structures as her base. Each canvas starts with neutral toned materials that are then painted, dyed and sculpted into dimensional brushstrokes. She creates tangled, layered compositions through a series of twists, knots, and upcycled textiles. Baird’s background in fashion allows her to dress the canvas with imagination. 

Not unlike a garment, she uses color to emphasize the authenticity and body of each piece. Artistic practice delves into the repercussions of everyday actions on the social fabric. The recurrent motions emblematic of the contemporary digital era – scrolling, typing, clicking – have profoundly transformed communal, intellectual, and emotional interactions. The sensation of art’s movement is encountered through a deliberate fusion of paint with canvas, melding color and form. The utilization of twisted, intertwined, and packed ropes accentuates the exquisite tautness between the brush and canvas, occasionally transgressing the boundaries of the frame as they surge beyond the two-dimensional plane. The textural vocabulary harnessed draws upon an array of lifelong influences such as dance, fashion, textiles, and color. These components have evolved into a ceaseless wellspring of inspiration for the meticulously woven canvases, galvanizing an emotive exploration of intricate arrangements. By employing distinct vantage points, spectators are summoned to submerge themselves in the palpable sensations of human craftsmanship and sentiment, all while being granted ample space to interject and unburden their own emotions.


Adi Oren’s paintings showcase divers soaring through open spaces of color and texture as a metaphor for humanity’s ancient obsession with flying. Through vibrant brushstrokes, graceful lines, and dynamic compositions, Oren bring to life the poetry of movement. These paintings invite the viewer to take a leap of faith into the unknown and explore the concept of freedom through movement, gesture, and dance. Oren’s work celebrates the exuberance of life and encourages the viewer to embrace risk and take a chance.

In her light paintings Lara Knutson explores the power of light and abstract in conveying the idea of motion. Generated with Lara’s patented lighting discovery from 2010, retro-reflective fabric is brought to life with LED Lights, creating a holographic effect, making light look 3 dimensional as if it fills the air like a cloud of light. The inherent nature of this phenomenon can only be seen in person because human eyes are stereoscopic plays with this aspect of the viewers eyes. Light looks like an object that takes up space and has texture. This effect forces viewers to be in the present moment – they want to reach out and touch the light. Like a spiritual and cosmic mirror from the past, Knutson’s work portrays the present and the future, created by light and shadow. The absence of representational forms and dynamic abstraction allows viewers to focus solely on the light energy emanating from the artwork. Via her sculptures and Soft Chemistry Vases, Knutson encourages the viewer to walk around to explore and investigate the light reflections through movement.

ML Kirchner specializes in capturing the majesty of the mundane, and uses photography to capture and manipulate the passage of time. By capturing the ephemeral, create time-lapses, or experiment with the distortion of temporal sequences. explores the concept of motion in the context of time. Kirchner’s images are recognizable by her command of light and composition, and her fascination with strong shapes and lines. The artist challenges viewer’s perception of motion, offering a unique perspective on the fluidity and transience inherent. 

This exhibition celebrates the beauty and vitality of movement, showcasing artworks that seek to capture the fleeting essence of time and the dynamic energy that surrounds us. Through a diverse range of mediums and techniques, the artists provide us with a unique perspective on the interplay between stillness and motion.

“Transcending Stillness” takes us on a transformative journey, unveiling the power and beauty of motion. Through the artists’ expressions, we are reminded of the dynamic nature of human existence and our inherent connection to the ever-changing world around us. this exhibition redefines our understanding of motion and its impact on our perception of reality. So, let us surrender to the captivating allure of “Transcending Stillness”encourages viewer to be moved, both literally and metaphorically, by the power of art in motion.

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