the FORMah

the FORM:

“the essential nature of a thing as DISTINGUISHED from its matter”

Merriam-Webster dictionary

the FORM Art House is international pop-up art exhibition generator and all-inclusive community that brings together creatives to promote, empower, and collaborate.

the FORMah is a different way in art business.

We create collaborations, focusing on female-identifying creatives, to curate contemporary pop-up art exhibitions worldwide. the FORMah provides data oriented, all-inclusive solution, from profitable business model to marketing. Without permanent exhibitions or artwork for sale, we aim solely to inspire, entertain, create impact and income for creative community.

Even though we believe that art is an all-inclusive medium, and everyone is welcome in the FORMah , we focus on embracing women-identifying creatives, who are still misrepresented across the industry. Our mission is to create an impact, expand the community and provide female artists with opportunity to shine and succeed in the art world.